• Private Collection, 2011
  • #1
  • 37:11
  • Conceptual design work for Essample by Mimo Design
  • Unreleased
  • Essample
  • 37:11
  • 2011
  • 1. 1_F04.
    2. 2_B02.
    3. 3_A02.
    4. 4_P01.
    5. 5_G04.
    6. 6_M01.
    7. 7_N03.
    8. 8_P.
    9. 9_A01.
    10. 10_F01.
    11. 11_T.
    12. 12_G01.
    13. 13_B01.

Essample ultimately stands a conceptual and personal exploratory work of ambiguity experienced through our own relationships via sound, our understanding of it, and our placement within it, our adjustment to it, and lastly our progression out of it.

Further Information

The concept of essample is inspired by the ambiguity experienced when in the perception of sound and in the act of listening itself. Through an explorative analytical extraction and abstraction of sound found in the specimens glass, balsa wood, aluminium foil, metal gauze, tissue paper, packaging foam, polystyrene veneer and netting, is presented a library with aims to evoke familiarities, analogies and relationships with sound.

Mimosa Moize is looking for a suitable home for Essample.

Please contact us.